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Read testimonials from the satisfied customers of Car Key Replacements Calgary

Car Key Replacement in Calgary

I lost my keys the other day while walking through the Zoo with some friends, I called Car Key Replacement Calgary, and they made the entire car key replacement process so easy. The technician was out to help us super quickly, and he was extremely pleasant to work with. The price was great and I even got a spare key discounted. Thanks so much!

Jesenia Hilton

Ignition Replacement

Got ready to go riding with my girlie the other day just to find out my ignition was completely stuck! I called Car Key Replacement Calgary and was relieved to hear that a tech could be out to help within 30 minutes. True to their word, he showed up quickly and was able to replace my ignition in under an hour. So glad I called you guys, thank you!

Kinea Hardy

24 Hour Car Locksmith in Calgary

After leaving the movies with some friends the other night after a late show, I realized I had misplaced my car keys. It was super late, so I really didn’t think I’d be able to find someone to come out to assist me. Luckily for me, Car Key Replacement Calgary came out and they were able to assist me with everything on-site which was surprising and the price was really affordable. Thank you so much for your help and being one of the few 24-hour car locksmiths in the area!

Amelia Reynolds

Car Key Programming in Calgary

The other day the key light kept flashing on my dashboard when I tried to start my car. My car wouldn’t start and I was already late for a wedding. I looked up auto locksmiths near me, and this place had the best reviews and they seemed like they had a pretty quick response time. A tech was out to perform the car key programming in no time, and I wasn’t as late as I expected to be. I still got some cake lol.

Paul Langst

Ignition Repair

I snapped my key off in my ignition the other day when I got home from work. It was around 9pm, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find help, but the specialists at Car Key Replacement Calgary promised me they’d be out within an hour. The tech showed up and was real cool, completed the service and let me watch. Thanks for your help and the tips on keeping my ignition turning smoothly.

Alex Richards

Emergency Auto Locksmith in Calgary

My 3 year old son thought it was a good idea to lock himself and the car keys in the car the other day when I was unloading groceries. I completely panicked and called the police and the closest locksmith company I could find. I’m so grateful that Car Key Replacement Calgary has an emergency auto locksmith team, because they showed up quicker than the police and got my car opened in seconds. Thank you for your assistance, I’ll recommend you guys to everyone!

Jerry Cruse

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